give your everyday waste a new life with our curbside go green eco bin recycling stations. help make our world a cleaner place for future generations.


teach your communities about recycling and sustainability. use our go green eco bin as a tool to teach your community about green technology and environmental responsibility.


show your commitment to a cleaner future. take the first step and be an example to your community and the world. ask us how you can bring this product to your community now.


by sponsoring an eco bin, you become part of this movement, while showing the community where your organizations stands on protecting the environment. See our short video:


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After Wilton Manors and North-Miami, GoGreen launched its clean streets initiative in the City of Fort Lauderdale in South Florida as well. More than 40 gogreen eco bins are installed in Fort Lauderdale to make the city more green! We engaged with the community to educate them on how to use the eco bin and why it was important for the community.

GoGreen EcoBins supplies local governments with cost-free curbside recycling bins that implement solar panels. Our goal is to help educate and start the process of improving recycling efforts. Eco Bins encourage locals to recycle and learn about renewable energy. The solution provides curbside recycling bins in high foot traffic areas in cities at no cost to the cities.


Plastic has emerged as one of the most widely used materials, there are around 10,000 types of plastics, right from pet bottles to kids’ toys and even clothes. Studies show that a major chunk of the global waste is composed of various kinds of plastic, that can cause a negative impact on the environment. So, plastic recycling was introduced.



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